Friday, April 18, 2014

Mickey Mouse creations by Lynda!

Today I have two new Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired polishes from the lovely Lynda! The Mousterpiece Duo!

First up is I'm All Ears. A white polish with red, yellow, and black glitters in various sizes and shapes as well as red hearts and little Mickey Mouse heads!

This polish was a bit on the thick side (as I expected with all the glitter) but completely workable. My swatch is three thin coats with a coat of glitter food and a coat of seche.

Up next, Ears To You. A glitter topper with varying sizes and shapes of red, white, and pink glitters. As well as some red micro glitter, white hearts, and pink Minnie Mouse heads!

This polish was super easy to work with. Since I am picky I did a little bit of placing with the larger glitter but I had no issues. My swatch is one coat over black, white, and grey polish. Again with a coat of glitter food and a coat of seche.

I feel I should mention, the use of glitter food is a personal preference of mine when I use glitter polishes that have big glitter pieces, and is not necessarily needed.

Check out Lynda's ONLINE STORE or go like her FACEBOOK!!!! Do eet!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bless your wicked little heart

I have been neglecting my little blog here recently. Lots if craziness happening in my life at the moment. But I think things are returning to something more normal. So today I have colors by llarowe's "bless your wicked little heart".

Friday, March 21, 2014

Darling Diva Sashay Away

I picked this polish up a while ago, in the sale section of Darling Diva's website. I LOVE it! Should have purchased a back up for it I think, but it's not in the shop anymore :( Anyhow, here's the pictures!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swatches and reviews? The Jewels Of Olympus-set one

All right! Found my camera cord, the 45+ pictures are now uploaded. Yay! But first, some swatches and reviews for another wonderful set of creations by Lynda!

Ok, first I'll tell you the facts. This is the first part of a two part set. The second set's release date is TBA. This is also a collaboration with Nailnation! She will have additional polishes for this set. The release date is April 7.

I have six polishes to show you today! All of these polishes (except where mentioned) were 3 thin coats w/ a coat of seche on top. The formulas were great! Application, as usual was a dream.

First up, my surprise favorite: Aphrodite. A hot pink shade with a purple shimmer that makes it look fuchsia.

next, Poseidon, another favorite...this polish is a mix of blue micro flakies in different shades with a gold/green shimmer. There was no other coloring used. STRICTLY glitter flakies.

next, Hera...a champagne colored polish that appears an off white shade w/ gold shimmer.

next Zeus! A glitter topper mix of gold flakies, and white hex glitter in two sizes. Index finger is 1 coat, middle is 2, ring is liquid leather with 1 coat of Zeus, and pinky is white on white with 1 coat as well.

next, Ares. A glitter topper mix consisting of micro black and red holographic glitter. Again, index is 1 coat, middle is 2. Ring and pink are white on white with 2 coats on the ring finger and 1 coat on the pinky.

And finally, Athena! This holographic glitter topper has a mix consisting of blue hexes, teal hexes, gold hexes, micro gold and teal hexes, and gold and teal dots. I love this! I did have to do a little placing with the dots, but that was more so because I am picky, and not the polish. Plenty of those dots came out on the brush! I couldn't decide what color to swatch it with, so I decided to do the mani that came to mind the second I opened all this prettiness.

You can find Lynda's creations on her site, HERE or check her out on facebook, Creations By Lynda LLC

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Darling Diva's Holiday over some Pixies

I didn't actually do this on my nails, it's on a nail wheel, but I wanted to share it! I can't wait to try it on!!! Some of these have a coat or 2 of Gelous on top, but I honestly can't remember which ones....except for the black....