Monday, August 6, 2012

New China Glaze Collections!!

I can't wait to go pick up the new Bohemian Luster Chrome nail polishes from China Glaze! AND I can't wait until October when they release their Halloween line, "WICKED".

They're all just so pretty!

I can't wait!!!

Like a little school girl! Now to wait until payday, and figure out which of each collection to get first, due to recent expenses these will have to be collected slowly : ( So here's hoping that my local stores don't sell out before I have the chance to get the collections!!! : )

Saturday, August 4, 2012

blue screen of death and respritory problems

My computer is slowly but surely dying. This is the longest I've been able to be on it in weeks, probably more accurate to say months. I have several new polishes, and pictures that I'm planning on posting, problem is, none of that will likely happen until I get a new computer, which might be a while, so I might have to just give up on my sad attempt at nail blogging...for now...

In the mean time, I'm finding myself really into neons lately, and playing around with different combos, and layering, and crackle top coats, and just all around fun stuff. Also picked up Milani's 3D collection, which I LOVE! Other than that, just the normal every day stuff. Changing my nails too many times, and never able to decide on one mani for more than an entire day.

Have an upper respiratory infection and that has lead to nebulizer treatments and steroids which have my hands all shaky, so the last week or so my manis have been VERY simple. Have more pics on my phone to post, going to attempt that today. Here's hoping the PC cooperates : )