Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potential Dupes (waiting to confirm)

I ordered Orly's Goth yesterday, and while trying to decide what to do with my nails, my daughter picked out a color I forgot I had called Electric, by ICE. Now, I got to looking at it and I'm pretty sure it's the same as Orly's Goth, just waiting for the polish to get here, then I can test it out and see. : )

I decided that this week would be a sci-fi inspired nail week. So today I have on 2 coats of Electric and 1 coat of CG's Fairy Dust. It looks an awful lot like space, the black w/ stars and all. When I was done, all I could think in my head was the opening for Star Wars before the words start scrolling across. I''m pretty much loving it. Unfortunately I have no pics, my camera's battery charger has gone missing, and I've been left with just my phone which just doesn't pick up the sparkling beauty of certain things, so I will have to keep hunting for the charger, and hopefully have some swatches in my next post! I'm also waiting for my Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice, and some Kleancolor products that I won in auctions on Listia.com and things from Yardsellr.com. I love that I can get products on either website for nothing, or really close to it!

I have commissioned my brother in law to build me a nail polish rack! Circumstances being what they are I won't have a confirmed order until the end of July or after that, but I'm looking forward to being able to put my pretties on display. : P Kinda hoping I can find an alternative cause I don't want to spend the money, but my poor rubbermaid 3 drawer thing is gonna fall apart if I put much more into it's drawers.

Really wish I had swatches to post! : (  There's always next time : ) If I can't find my battery charger I may have to settle for the phone pictures.. We'll see what happens I suppose...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cleaning Day....

Well, to be more accurate, it's cleaning weekend, lol. My nail polishes almost met their demise yesterday when the shoe boxes I've been storing everything in decided they didn't want to hold themselves together anymore, imagine my small amount of panic (ok LARGE amount of panic lol) as I heard the bottle clinking on the tile floor. LUCKILY NONE BROKE!! So, I used some duct tape to put two of the boxes back together, and transferred my cotton, remover, sponges, brushes, plates, stampers, etc... into the boxes, and the nail polish back into the 3 drawer rubber maid thing where they started... Not entirely sure why I ever changed that, lol.

Yesterday I got my package of Kleancolor polishes from beautyjoint.com... After reading a blog about their poor customer service, and just a handful of negative reviews I was a bit worried about ordering from them, but the $1.75 a bottle price was just too tempting for me. So, I got a couple holos, a metallic red, and yet another black. All with shipping was less than $11. Seems pretty decent to me! One of the few times I decided to shell out more then that amount on any kinda of polish was my Spectraflair top coat. Pretty sure that was worth it though, : )

That's pretty much it for today... Got some pictures saved on my phone, and I need to clean the phone out, so the next post or two will likely just be swatch pics. : ) Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spectraflair awesomeness!

I got my spectraflair top coat yesterday! And it's just awesome! I love the holographic nail polishes, and the flip flop paint job ones as well. I was not disappointed at all with the spectraflair! I got it on ebay. The lady makes it herself and it's just awesome. Adds a bit of flare to any color, and if I haven't made it clear... I LOVE IT!


She sells it in multiple sizes, and it has so far worked with every brand of polish I own. Depending on how many coats you use seems to decide how intense the holographic effect is. I personally just use 1 thin coat for a subtle effect. And even "subtle" it's still impressive. : )

Also got Milani's Black Berry Baby. The color was a little off of what I was expecting (monitor settings and all that) but it's still a lovely burgundy-ish maroon and that's my favorite color, so of course I like it : ).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kayla Shevonne!!

I don't know how many people have even found my little blog here. I haven't been posting things for very long, but I have been reading other nail polish blogs for a LONG time! One of my faves? Kayla Shevonne! She's always got new tips, tricks, and other ways to make your nails look fabulous! Kayla recently passedd the 3,000 follower mark, and as a result she's having a give away sponsored by Amy of Nail-Venturous. Check it out!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remember Sally Hansen's Ruby Sapphire?...well i have something for you :)

While on a hunt for a blurple-ish nail polish today, I found something interesting!

My first nail polish ever was a set of Sally Hansen's nail prisms. One of those colors was Ruby Sapphire, and I wore it out. I've been looking for a polish to capture what I thought was so perfect for years. Our friends at Orly have answered! Now, it isn't an exact dupe, but it is damn close, and the closest I've been able to find without going over $10. And there's two of them!

Orly's Mysterious Curse from the Dark Shadows collection is one, and if you can't find it at your local beauty supply store, don't fret! Cause there's another! It's the exact same color, they just added it to their more permanent collection and changed the name to Royal Velvet. It's the beautiful shimmery blurple that I remember and I'm sure I'll wear this one out soon as well. I'll have swatches later : )

online shopping vs. in store...Kleancolor and Sally Hansen

Thanks again to my discount sites that I love so much, I have a few polishes on the way :) And thanks to ebay, my spectraflair top coat is on it's way as well : )

Now, I do a lot of my shopping online, with my life as busy as it is, it's usually so much more convenient than having to take my children to the store with me. That being said, I find myself often conflicted on whether to online shop or actually get out there and deal with the added stress of people, finding items, and the possibility of a child having a melt down in the middle of the store.

CVS recently started their beauty clearance sale that they seem to do every six months or so. Polishes and what not up to 75% off and in some cases more, but this sale isn't online (at least not that I saw). Yesterday I found Sally Hansen crackle polishes for 75% off and I literally squealed a little, lol. Problem is deciding whether or not to buy some of them, being as I have the colors that are on sale already. And if you haven't noticed, crackle polishes don't seem to keep as well as regular ones. Might have to go to CVS later, and just look for stuff and see what I find.

I discovered Kleancolor nail polishes a couple months ago thanks to yardsellr.com and I am so thoroughly impressed with the product that I find myself frequently upset that I can only get it online. I have never found it in stores here. I am not willing to spend money on nail polishes like some people do, and that's nothing against those people, I'm just too cheap, lol. I have spent the extra on a few polishes from time to time, and I have to say, the $1.75 that I pay for Kleancolor is much more impressive than the nearly $10 I have spent on OPI... OPI is so over rated... I love China Glaze, and my local Sally's store frequently has sales, and that's about as high a price as I'm willing to pay. : )

My only "problem" with Kleancolor is the smell...it smells awful, lol.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Polish storage, and new pretties :) and a possible dupe?

When I realized I had passed the 200 mark, I stopped counting my polishes. I don't want to think about the money that's been spent on them, lol. I was perusing google, looking for a storage solution. Ebay and Amazon have tons of different style of racks but they're all more than I'm willing to pay. I visit so many different nail blogs every day, I honestly couldn't tell you the names of all of them. But most have one thing in common, they made their nail polish racks, or had some one do it for them. And I think that's what I'm going to end up having to do. And I have a plan! If said plan doesn't work, I'll have to do one of two things. Buy another book shelf, and modify it to work as a rack, or buy spice racks! I'll figure something out. My current solution for storage is full, and I know I'll be getting more polishes.

I got my Orly Razzle and Kleancolor midnight seduction the other day in the mail. Razzle is a little more pink than I thought, but it's still very pretty. and the midnight seduction is exactly what I thought it would be. :) I'll have swatches later...

Now, to my possible dupe...

While going through the collection, I noticed that China Glaze's Stone Cold is an awful lot like Orly's Iron Butterfly, and if you add a clear coat to their matte finishes, it looks an awful lot like Sinful Color's Secret Admirer. I'll have swatches for that too :) For now, dinner :)