Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Mani I almost didn't post...

I did the my nails the other day, and thought "Oh wow, this is a great idea." lol. Then I got online and while perusing through the blogs that I read, I came across THIS. Needless to say I had initially decided I wasn't going to post this mani. But I decided I would anyway. 3 brands of polish. Zoya's Pixie Dust, "Nyx", Hit Polish's "HIM", and NYC matte top coat. Kayla's version is SO much better than mine, lol. "London" would have been better than "Nyx" I think.

Monday, March 25, 2013

LynBDesigns swatches and reviews!

So, a couple weeks ago, I saw a status from LynBDesigns asking if anyone would like to review their product. I JUMPED at the chance. I love reading and doing reviews for polishes! It's nice to feel like you're being trusted to provide an honest opinion. And that's what I intend to do!

First up, we have Anomalous Bloke, which loosely translated would mean Normal Guy if I'm not mistaken, lol. I loved this color in the bottle, and on the nail! It's a Tealish/Green color with blue and holographic micro glitters in it, and I loved the final result! The first coat was a bit patchy, but all evened out well with a second coat.  I tried to catch all the pretty color effects from the glitter, but my camera just wouldn't do it. I also got the impression that this may be a duo-chrome-ish color. I plan on doing another set of photos for it when the sun is out and we don't have over a foot of snow on the ground. Below is 2 coats, with Seche on top.

Second we have Dalakanium. If this is the same as Dalekanium (from the "nerd" world, it's the name of the metal that daleck casing were made from, lol) At first sight, in the bottle I thought this polish looked like China Glaze's Cast a Spell. Upon further observation I was wrong! It's a black base with what I would call gold-ish and a little bit of multi-colored or holographic micro glitters. It's so pretty! I knew when I opened the package I would love it, and I wasn't mistaken. The formula was great, my swatch shows 2 coats. The first 2 pictures are without top coat. It does dry to a satiny finish. The rest of the pictures are with a coat of Seche. Again tried to get all the pretty colors.

All in all, I really like both polishes! my youngest daughter really liked Anomalous Bloke, and currently has it on her little fingernails. The formulas were good, the colors are pretty, and they didn't smell bad like some indie polishes do.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

China Glaze Galaxy Nails

I'm itchin' bad to get some of the new China Glaze Hologlam polishes, but since I can't just yet, I decided to use some other China Glaze colors and make a galaxy on my nails today.

Liquid Leather
White on White
White Cap
No Plain Jane
Flying Dragon
Bizarre Blurple
Fairy Dust

Seems like a lot of colors to achieve results that don't really show all the colors, lol. But here it is.

Zoya/Sinful Colors Dupe?? hmmmm

While swatching some polishes onto color wheels I ran across two bottles of pink polish that I thought looked strikingly similar, so I decided a comparison was warranted!

Zoya's "Sweet"

Sinful Colors' "Cotton Candy"

As you can see in the photos they are not the dupes I thought they were. Both seem to be a creme polish, both opaque in 2 coats, but Zoya's "Sweet" on the right is a bit darker than Sinful Colors' "Cotton Candy" on the left. I think they are definitely similar though!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ORLY cherry blossom attempt...

I wanted to do flowers on my nails...that being said, I'm not a "flowery" kind of girl. In fact I don't even really like flowers. There are 3 exceptions. Black Orchids, Lotus Flowers, and Cherry Blossoms. So, I decided to attempt Cherry Blossoms. I don't think it's a complete fail, but I DEFINITELY need to practice this more before I do it again for a full mani.

I used all ORLY colors.
Rock-On Red
Decades of Dysfunction
White Tips

missconduct and boredom

I was really bored last night. Had an unexpected night off from work. SO, I asked a friend what I should do with my nails, she (as she always does) says "SPARKLES"... I decided Orly's Missconduct was the way to go, but I wanted to add something to it. So I got an Art Deco nail art thing from a friend, and I've always used the Stripe Rite, so I wanted to see how well the art deco one worked. SO here's what happened...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

One of my purchases from the Sally's 50% off clearance over the weekend. China Glaze's Blue Sparrow. It's a "neon" but I don't really see the "neon" in it. It's bright yes, but it just doesn't say "neon" to me.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Oxblood w/ Seche overlay

While at Walgreens last week I found a LOT of clearance sale polish! Nothing over $2! SO, I picked up Sally Hansen's Oxblood for .79 cents! My mom was in town last weekend and we picked up some stuff at Sally's. One of which was Seche overlay... here's some pics of the results....

This is one of those situations where I should have just left the base color alone. The Seche Overlay looks really pretty in the bottle, but actually going on to the nail was a pain. Every white piece of glitter had to be placed after digging them out of the bottle with a toothpick. And the pink almost holographic pieces had to be separated from each other. Maybe I got a bad batch, or something but the only glitter that spread without issue was the bar glitter and I'll just say I have a love hate relationship with bar glitter lol. After all was said and done, it took a pretty thick coat of gelous and 2 coats of seche top coat to get things smoothed out. After a couple hours I decided to put some Matte coat on top, thinking maybe I would like it more. I didn't. I think it's the shortest amount of time I've taken to make a decision on a polish. Some things need a 2nd chance, I don't see that happening with this overlay stuff. And thanks to all the layers of top coat the tips had already started shrinking up by the time I took the pictures.

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Day week, mani #4

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day, so my mani for tomorrow was done tonight and I figured I might as well post it too. Tomorrow's mani is dual purpose. My friend Ann has Hodgkins Lymphoma, the support ribbon for that type of cancer is lime green. Ann's favorite color? Also lime green! There's a benefit for her tomorrow, "Wear Lime Green for Ann", and I'm all out of Lime Green clothes. I do however have polish! SO! Here we have CG's I'm with the lifeguard, and just cause I am now constantly looking for an excuse to use it, my new Hit Polish MoJo JoJo.