Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's try this again!

After my old PC finally crashed, I had to wait a while before getting a new one, and I finally got one! Yay! Halloween has come and gone, but I have several designs from that month, all the pictures can be seen on my facebook page. The page is in part private, but the Nail Stuff pic album is open to the public : ).

I purchased some of the new polishes from the Holiday collection from China Glaze over the past few weeks, and so far I am really happy with them! Glistening Snow, and Angel wings being my favorites at this point, but they're a pain to remove! I hear they have a similar finish to something O-P-I is supposed to release soon that has something to do with sandpaper.

I found out today that in 2013, sometime around March unless I'm sorely mistaken, China Glaze will be releasing another Holo line!!! They're calling it HOLOGLAM! And I for one am already drooling, and will soon be annoying the staff at my local Sally's store asking if they have the products in.
I may in fact go ask them today if they would be willing to do a customer hold, lol.

It's officially the Holiday Season which means glitter and sparkles everywhere for all different lines of polish. I've picked up some of the CG line, and I had to have Orly's Miss Conduct, though the rest of the colors didn't really peak my interest.  I've done a few mani's as of late, and I will post the pictures on here. Keep in mind that at the moment, all my pics are done with a camera phone, so they aren't exactly the best quality.

As of now this "blog" seems to be mostly for me. I love nail art and a lot of the people around me just don't understand, but I know the web has introduced me to a LOT of women and even a few men that love it just as much if not more so than myself.

I found an amazing product the other day as well! Sally Hansen Drop n Go drops. 1-3 drops of this quick drying product will have your mani COMPLETELY dry (not just dry to the touch) within minutes!

Here's the pics!

Had very little inspiration for a "Thanksgiving" nail, so I went with "Autumn" and did this attempt at leaves.

We had our first flurry of snow the other day, this is Glistening Snow & Blue Bells Ring. The accent nail is Sally Hansen Polar Bare w/ some temporary tattoos of snow flakes.

At the request of my 4 year old, ornaments, and a Christmas Tree.

This is to show that it can be done on short nails, I broke 2 of them of Thanksgiving weekend. I can't bring myself to cut the others so that they're all the same length. It's just so short!

My 12 year old's nails for spirit week at school. Glistening Snow and Dorothy Who from CG.