Monday, March 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Oxblood w/ Seche overlay

While at Walgreens last week I found a LOT of clearance sale polish! Nothing over $2! SO, I picked up Sally Hansen's Oxblood for .79 cents! My mom was in town last weekend and we picked up some stuff at Sally's. One of which was Seche overlay... here's some pics of the results....

This is one of those situations where I should have just left the base color alone. The Seche Overlay looks really pretty in the bottle, but actually going on to the nail was a pain. Every white piece of glitter had to be placed after digging them out of the bottle with a toothpick. And the pink almost holographic pieces had to be separated from each other. Maybe I got a bad batch, or something but the only glitter that spread without issue was the bar glitter and I'll just say I have a love hate relationship with bar glitter lol. After all was said and done, it took a pretty thick coat of gelous and 2 coats of seche top coat to get things smoothed out. After a couple hours I decided to put some Matte coat on top, thinking maybe I would like it more. I didn't. I think it's the shortest amount of time I've taken to make a decision on a polish. Some things need a 2nd chance, I don't see that happening with this overlay stuff. And thanks to all the layers of top coat the tips had already started shrinking up by the time I took the pictures.


  1. I just got Oxblood today! Cheap, but not that cheap. It looks lovely. This Seche seems a bit like China Glaze Whirled Away - a great idea, good in the bottle, but in practice it's a bit of a pain!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I bought 2 bottles of Whirled Away cause I was sure I would use it all the time. And though it is a headache I do still use it a lot, but it's definitely a pain! I heart the Oxblood color! I am partial to vampy colors, specially maroon ones.