Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Creations By Lynda! Swatches and Review!

I got a package from the lovely Lynda with some polish samples to try out. I've had this prepared for a while, but things kept me from being able to post much of anything.

As always, the formulas for these polishes were great! Each swatch is 3 thin coats with a thin coat of Seche on top. Except for the last one, the details will be in the picture's caption.

I didn't realize until I uploaded the pictures that I was in such a hurry and was so anxious to get the pictures done for these polishes that I didn't moisturize lol You can see the line of acetone from the clean up, lol.

Check out Lynda's creations! She does more than polish!

Her Webpage! or Her Facebook!

                                     First up, Orchidaceae. A loverly (yes loverly) shade of purple.

Second, The Sky Has Fallen. A B-E-A-utiful sky blue shade

Last, but not least. Blood Moon Rising. I LOVE this! It's a glitter topper, and if you chose to, you could wear it alone. I have it shown here a couple ways. Pinky is 1 coat, Ring is 2. Middle & index are China Glaze's Pelican Grey. 1 coat of Blood Moon Rising on middle nail and 2 on index. I wore this for 3 days! That's gotta be some kind of record for me! I just loved the way the red, black, and white glitters looked on top of my grey polish!

As always, I am 100% satisfied with these polishes. The formulas were great, the colors are loverly, and I just love all 3!

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