Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh Brother... My custom present polish from the lovely Lynda...

As most of you have realized, I am in the review group/council for Creations By Lynda LLC. She was generous enough to give us presents! Our own custom polishes! I spent days trying to figure out what I wanted. Including possible dupes for the Forces Trio by Emily De Molly that I never got :(.
Then on September 30th, my older brother unexpectedly passed away. After that it was pretty easy for me to decide what I wanted. A custom polish, inspired by him. He loved basketball, the UK Wildcats specifically. Their colors, blue and white.
So, I contacted Lynda with my ideas, and she with her polish mastery brought it to life. I called it "Oh Brother".
White frost polish with every blue/holographic circle/dot glitter she had, and a few black dots. I love it! I took a LOT of pictures attempting to catch all the prettiness. I think it gives a glimpse of his personality and love.
As with all of Lynda's creations, application was flawless. The glitters sank a bit but that's to be expected. Sit it upside down for a few minutes, and BAM! Glitter loveliness! 

My Big Bro, Chris. RIP Brother, I love you.
Be sure to check out Lynda's pages, FACEBOOK or her shop's page, HERE. She does custom polishes! You could get your own! :)

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  1. I'm SO sorry! I lost my son on August 9th this year, so I do understand how something as small as a bottle of polish can give a person warm fuzzies & this is a good thing. Hugs! <3