Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sinful Colors: Sinfulshine SLICK

I have a terrible time getting any purple polish to photograph right with my camera. I spent about 20 minutes playing with the setting, and finally found a combination of settings that almost capture the truly bright purple that this polish is. As a result my skin looks real yellow lol. I also learned that in this process, the display picture on my camera might have a blue tint, but when the pictures are uploaded, they're actually purple. Anyhow...Here's Sinfulshine's Slick. I love this color! Accent nail is a no name glitter topper I found at Dots.
If you go over to Jen's Wonderland she has much better swatch photos HERE. It's cloudy and rainy outside today, maybe my pictures would have been better outside, lol.

These 2 pics are what it looked like during setting checks. Still a pretty color (i think) but not true to the polish.

Here's the rest, think I figured it out. I tried taking a few pics with flash to get the brightness of this color, but no matter what setting I tried it looked blue through the lens. :(

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