Thursday, May 24, 2012

the flu and more nail stuff

I'm sickly, and my youngest daughter is too. The last couple days have been spent taking care of her and myself, but that couldn't stop me from getting some orders in for some new nail polish which i am super stoked about. but first, in my very first blog I listed Hard Candy's Beetle as being another dupe for Orly's space cadet, a couple blogs later I retracted the statement. Trick of lighting and all that, so I wasn't 100% convinced. Then I got to looking at other nail blogs, and my original statement was proven!!

this is one of my favorite nail blogs to go to...sure hope she doesn't mind me posting the link. :)

I ordered a few things from one of my new favorite websites, You earn "Photon$" and you can use those, just like money to purchase items. And because of those photon$, I am waiting for Orly's "Razzle", and some sally hansen salon effects nail strips. That I spent a whole $3 for all the items! I've only tried the strips once, and it was over fake nails when I used to wear them, and I wasn't that happy with the results. Hoping I'll like them better on natural nails. Anyone ever use them??? Are they as awesome as they seem like they could be??

That's pretty much it today, just waiting on the stuff to come in the mail so I can try em out :) For now, cold/flu night time meds and The Crow. :)

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