Friday, May 18, 2012

The past few days have been nuts! All kinds of news, good and bad for myself and my family. Got in my first car accident, and as I type this I'm seeing the pretty lights in my right eye which mean, migraine is comin. So this will be quick.
After my car accident (everyone is fine, including my ninja van), the cops, paramedics, and firefighters kept commenting on my nails, lol. Some even asked if I'd come to their stations so I could do their wives or daughters nails lol The Galaxy Nail seems to get attention no matter what colors you pick for it.
I had planned on talking about some more dupes that I found, but with the migraine approaching, it's time for Imitrex, and hiding under my blanket. Assuming all is well tomorrow, I'll post the dupes :) have a good day everyone!

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