Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my latest additions :)

Yesterday I found a gift card to a local salon/spa that I forgot I had. I got my usual OPI nail envy in original and got a free bottle of matte. I've never used matte base or top coat before, so we'll see how that goes. I also got CND (Creative nail design) Effects in sapphire sparkle, and let me tell you...I love it! Used as a top coat over black it does a flip flop effect between blue, pink, and purple. I love the "holo" look, or "flip flop" paint job look. I have since I was younger when I got my first bottle of nail polish, Sally Hansen's Burgundy Orchid nail prisms. which they never should've discontinued by the way, :).  I also got Hard Candy's Beetle, which isn't the dupe of Orly's space cadet that I thought it was. But still pretty none the less.
And thanks to Listia.com and yarsellr.com, I got China Glaze's smoke and ashes from the hunger games collection and Kleancolor's "salsa much". And because I earned credits on Listia and photon$ on yardsellr, I didn't pay a penny for either one! totally FREE! : ) It made me happy. That's my boring nail story for the last 2 days. : ) Have a good one everybody!

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