Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a few manis and a swatch of Zoya Storm

WARNING! Picture heavy and a bit "wordy" : )

This whole shoulder hurt business has really thrown a huge monkey wrench into my daily activities. I find myself doing more polish related things then I did before, and I didn't think that was possible, LOL. I can't pick up my kids, I can't play like I usually do cause running, jumping, wrestling, etc.. all hurt. Anyhow, here's some manis I did over the weekend, and a swatch of Zoya Storm

I wanted to do a purple gradient mani cause I need the practice. My 4 year old picked out my colors. I told her to pick out purples, and she hands me these, lol. I liked the idea, and I'm guessing someone with a bit more skill in the gradient department could make this look pretty good. It's CG's VIII, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, and Milani's one coat purple glitter.

After deciding the purple gradient attempt was a big fail, I wanted to do something "girly" So, I asked my 13 year old to pick out some polishes, and give me some ideas. She handed me Sinful Colors Truth or Dare, Milani 3D Digital, and 2 temporary tattoos. I actually really liked the overall effect of this! Got LOTS of compliments on it at work too.

Then I had my son, who is 6 pick the 3rd mani for the weekend. So here we have Orly's Dysfuntional Family and CG's Scattered and Tattered. I loved the end result of this!

And finally my own "simple" choice. Zoya Storm. 2 coats of pretty holo.

I could have separated this out into a few different posts, but I decided one big one would be ok. Have a great day!

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