Monday, February 4, 2013

Fire Fire!

Over the weekend we had a benefit for my Uncle Bob. Technically I suppose it was a benefit for the family to help pay his final expenses. He passed away back in September. Anyhow. My uncle in a nut shell was a loving/giving man. He would do anything he could and sometimes things he wasn't supposed to so that the people around him had what they needed. You couldn't have a conversation with him without your stomach hurting afterwards cause you laughed so hard. One of the constant loves of my Uncle (and the rest of the family) is/was Hot Rods. So, I thought it appropriate to do a flame inspired mani. I thought about doing some old school hot rod style pin striping, but it proved to be above my skill level, which only means I have to practice!
I hadn't planned on posting this particular mani. As it was going to be something special just for me.  BUT my children asked if they could take pictures of it, and proceeded to tell me I had to share it so that everyone who takes their time to read my little blog would get a chance to read about this amazing man that I was fortunate enough to know. (of course they worded it differently lol)
So, here's the pics, Please keep in mind each picture was taken by a 4 or 6 year old. They asked for the hand poses and everything. My 6 year old is much more observant of my nail activities then I ever thought as he is the one that said to "pose your hand like you do in your other pictures mommy"  and at their request all the pictures will be posted, lol.


  1. These are really lovely! I love a bit of flame lol

  2. Sorry about your uncle, but your tribute definitely does him right <3 The flames look amazing =D