Friday, April 12, 2013

Indie Nail Art Conest by Kayla Shevonne!

I heart Indies and Kayla's blog was one of the first polish blogs I ever read, and sort of took the love for polish I already had and turned it into an obsession of sorts. Anyhow, this contest can be found HERE. I sadly don't own many indies, but I think I did an OK job with what I had. I won't even explain the mani, if you own an Indie Polish, hopefully you'll get it, lol.

Polishes used
Candii Polished
    24 Karats
Delusional Nails
    Candy Cane
    Court Jester
Hit Polish
     MoJo JoJo
Also used a nude & black cream for the bomb and the details. And OPI DS Indulgence for the spark on the fuse.  

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