Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Creation By Lynda review! yay!!

So, I've had these pictures done and ready to post for a few days now. This last week has sucked. Kids are sick, I'm sick, not bad enough that I'd call it a "hell week" but it's been one thing after the other.. Anyhow...

I got some nail mail and it was three new polishes by the lovely Lynda. Two of which I literally squealed about when I opened my package. So here it goes!

First up I want to show two colors inspired by Game of Thrones! She has appropriately named it "Medieval Intrigue Duo"

Winter Has Come has rainbow color shifting glitter, micro rainbow shifting glitter, as well as micro white glitter. I LOVE this polish!! It reminds me of Sally Hansen's Snow Globe, but it is soo much better! I think the micro white glitters gives it a little oomph that Snow Globe is missing.
I couldn't decide what would work best to show off the pretty rainbow shifty-ness of this, so I did something different on each nail. I have shown one coat of this amazing polish alone as well as over CG's Liquid Leather, Fade Into Hue, Dandy Lyin' Around, as well as another of Lynda's polishes, Pink Lemonade.

Born of Dragons has red and black glitters and gold holographic glitters. It's also amazing. I am SO happy I got these!! Again, I didn't know what best to show this glitter with, but I wanted to use nude/light shades to show off the red, black, and gold.  So, I have shown one coat alone and on top of CG's Dandy Lyin' Around, Pelican Gray, OPI's My Vampire Is Buff, and Essie's Marshmallow.

The formula is great. Not nearly as thick as I was expecting, and as I said, these swatches for both are just one coat!

Finally, I have Lynda's Pink Lemonade from her Bon Temps Neon Summer Collection. Now, by the time I got to this color my cold meds were in FULL swing, and I was feeling rather stoned so I was being impatient. The color alone is on the sheer side, but if you put it over white it's amazing....I'd have a better picture of that if I had waiting for the white to at least partially dry, lol. But alas, here's my bad picture. I intend on doing an update with a better photo later. Think Pinky and Ring fingers are three coats of Pink Lemonade alone. The middle finger is what happens when you don't wait for the white to dry before applying the pink, the index finger is better than the middle but again I was being impatient. Now my thumb is three coats with a white tip (uneven as it may be) to show that if you like the pink base on your french manicures, the Pink Lemonade is a GREAT choice for it!

As usual, I LOVE Lynda's creations!!! Why not go like her on FACEBOOK, and stop by her STORE SITE and pick up your own creation by Lynda. You won't regret it!!!

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