Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sally Hansen Snow Globe

Been a CRAZY busy few days here recently. Lots of work, lots of stuff at home, and not too much extra time, and even less sleep. For reasons unknown (I'm thinking probably due to my actually using clippers on my finger nails rather than filing them down like I usually do) My nails are in HORRID shape! Cracking, breaking and peeling like nobody's business. So I dipped into my swatch folder and found something I completely forgot about! Here's Sally Hansen's Snow Globe. I've shown it over Zoya's Raven & Snow White.


  1. Snow Globe is officially on my wishlist - stunning! Are you not suppose to use clippers on your finger nails? My nails are peeling and keep breaking...could this be why? :o
    Have a lovely day!

    1. I have never heard that you aren't "supposed" to use clippers. I just find that with my nails, filing them down works better and seems to prevent "trauma" to my nails.