Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rock Star Guitar Nails

I was feeling utterly uninspired earlier, and that was fixed quickly when I heard my eldest daughter start singing. She is very musically talented, plays several instruments, etc.. etc... Anyhow, I wanted to do a mani inspired by her, and wanted it to be music. I perused the inter-webs for some inspiration and found THIS. Normally I don't intend to duplicate another person's manicure exactly but I sure did try with this one, lol. I didn't need to change anything about it, because it encompasses my daughter to a T. Now, I don't have the skill that the other person did, but I think I did ok for my first try. This will be visited again, and I will improve it.


  1. It's cute. I like the pink and piano keys nail best. :)

    1. Thanks, I think that one is my favorite too! The others just didn't turn out the way I hoped they would.