Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sinful Colors, Opening Night....and an unhappy polishaholic

Went to Walgreens the other day, and in one of the displays for new Sinful Colors polishes I see this tealish looking color that my children said I needed, I didn't argue, lol. While I have other teal colors, I didn't have anything quite like Opening least not under the lights of the store.
So I get home, do a mani with this color, and decide it needs a little something extra. So I put Pure Ice's "It's Complicated" on top. With accent nails left from a previous mani.... Well, here's the results...

I was really digging the look of the results, and added a matte top coat, and still really liked it. Fast Forward an hour or so, take a shower getting ready for bed, and completely ruined the mani *insert sad face here*.
So, I take off the polish and.....

Oh the stains! Scrubbed my fingers with a mani brush and some 3D white toothpaste and it came off. By this point I was so frustrated that the mani wasn't dry (my own impatience part of that) and then I take the polish off and my fingertips and parts of my nails were blue. But I couldn't go to work with naked nails, so...

3 thin coats of Hard Candy Sugar Rush...angled picture to show how well the 3D white toothpaste removed the stains :)


  1. Their Sinful Shine line got me with Kryptonite. OMG My nails was stained sooo bad. Nothing really worked. I'm having to let it grow out.

    1. I haven't had many issues with Sinful Colors until recently