Wednesday, August 21, 2013

skull, hearts, love, and fairy!

The last few days have been emotional to say the least...pretty craptacular if I'm being honest. My Grandpa died, and I was not able to get down south for the visitation/funeral. My Aunt & Uncle had a baby girl on the same day, and due to an all around feeling of ick, I haven't been to visit yet. Anyhow, I was needing to do something to relax, and as my fellow polishaholics you all understand that a lot of the time, doing our nails is a big way to relax. So after a temporary "tattoo party" with my daughters. I decided some Pure Ice Jamaican Me Crazy, some white polish, a stamping plate, and some temporary tattoos would make for some interesting results. Well, at least I like it, lol. My cuticles and skin around them (on my thumbs specifically) have received the most damage with all the stress/emotions.

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