Saturday, January 4, 2014

I have been waiting a week to post this...

I've been waiting to post this for a while. Not because it's a spectacular mani or anything like that. Recently my van died. Head gasket blew, and the block cracked. So, I got a new car! A brand new Dodge Charger SXT! It's blue and shiny and my kids have named it Kitana. I like if. The mani was inspired by the car. Not super fancy but I liked it!

MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!
The pic that I need to get in sticker form for her back windows :)


  1. I really like the mani, it's a basic and beautiful design. That would be an awesome sticker to get, she was always my favorite female mortal kombat character. Really nice car, enjoy it for the both of us haha.

  2. nails! car! can make your own 'decal' by printing out the design on paper using a color laser printer (Kinko's should have one if you don't), trimming the design how you want it, then sticking it white side down on clear self-adhesive vinyl (Contact shelf liner or the stuff you use to cover school books) so that the sticky side is facing up when you look at the pic. Round the corners off your new decal (to prevent curled peeling corners) & stick in your back or side window. Laser ink doesn't fade as fast in ink jet & the vinyl is removable w/o leaving massive stickies on your window. Oh! If you do find a premade sticker & want it on the inside of your window, you can use the clear sticky vinyl for those too.