Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sinful Colors Ciao Bella w/ Hottie

I've been very into blue polishes lately, probably due to my new car being blue lol. I have been going through most if not all of my blue polishes trying to find one that was the same color or at least close to my car. Not really finding one yet, but I have discovered polishes that I forgot I had. Ciao Bella being one of them. It's so pretty and sparkly. But I thought it needed just a little more sparkle, so I added a coat of Hottie on top. Sealed it all with some SV and here's the results.. There's quite a few pictures, I was trying to catch with my camera what I see looking at it.

and just for grins, here's the snow drift in my back yard...the chairs in the distance are stacked 4 high, and my poor little fire pit is almost completely covered cause I forgot to bring it inside :(

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