Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Polish storage, and new pretties :) and a possible dupe?

When I realized I had passed the 200 mark, I stopped counting my polishes. I don't want to think about the money that's been spent on them, lol. I was perusing google, looking for a storage solution. Ebay and Amazon have tons of different style of racks but they're all more than I'm willing to pay. I visit so many different nail blogs every day, I honestly couldn't tell you the names of all of them. But most have one thing in common, they made their nail polish racks, or had some one do it for them. And I think that's what I'm going to end up having to do. And I have a plan! If said plan doesn't work, I'll have to do one of two things. Buy another book shelf, and modify it to work as a rack, or buy spice racks! I'll figure something out. My current solution for storage is full, and I know I'll be getting more polishes.

I got my Orly Razzle and Kleancolor midnight seduction the other day in the mail. Razzle is a little more pink than I thought, but it's still very pretty. and the midnight seduction is exactly what I thought it would be. :) I'll have swatches later...

Now, to my possible dupe...

While going through the collection, I noticed that China Glaze's Stone Cold is an awful lot like Orly's Iron Butterfly, and if you add a clear coat to their matte finishes, it looks an awful lot like Sinful Color's Secret Admirer. I'll have swatches for that too :) For now, dinner :)

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