Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spectraflair awesomeness!

I got my spectraflair top coat yesterday! And it's just awesome! I love the holographic nail polishes, and the flip flop paint job ones as well. I was not disappointed at all with the spectraflair! I got it on ebay. The lady makes it herself and it's just awesome. Adds a bit of flare to any color, and if I haven't made it clear... I LOVE IT!

She sells it in multiple sizes, and it has so far worked with every brand of polish I own. Depending on how many coats you use seems to decide how intense the holographic effect is. I personally just use 1 thin coat for a subtle effect. And even "subtle" it's still impressive. : )

Also got Milani's Black Berry Baby. The color was a little off of what I was expecting (monitor settings and all that) but it's still a lovely burgundy-ish maroon and that's my favorite color, so of course I like it : ).

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