Saturday, June 9, 2012

online shopping vs. in store...Kleancolor and Sally Hansen

Thanks again to my discount sites that I love so much, I have a few polishes on the way :) And thanks to ebay, my spectraflair top coat is on it's way as well : )

Now, I do a lot of my shopping online, with my life as busy as it is, it's usually so much more convenient than having to take my children to the store with me. That being said, I find myself often conflicted on whether to online shop or actually get out there and deal with the added stress of people, finding items, and the possibility of a child having a melt down in the middle of the store.

CVS recently started their beauty clearance sale that they seem to do every six months or so. Polishes and what not up to 75% off and in some cases more, but this sale isn't online (at least not that I saw). Yesterday I found Sally Hansen crackle polishes for 75% off and I literally squealed a little, lol. Problem is deciding whether or not to buy some of them, being as I have the colors that are on sale already. And if you haven't noticed, crackle polishes don't seem to keep as well as regular ones. Might have to go to CVS later, and just look for stuff and see what I find.

I discovered Kleancolor nail polishes a couple months ago thanks to and I am so thoroughly impressed with the product that I find myself frequently upset that I can only get it online. I have never found it in stores here. I am not willing to spend money on nail polishes like some people do, and that's nothing against those people, I'm just too cheap, lol. I have spent the extra on a few polishes from time to time, and I have to say, the $1.75 that I pay for Kleancolor is much more impressive than the nearly $10 I have spent on OPI... OPI is so over rated... I love China Glaze, and my local Sally's store frequently has sales, and that's about as high a price as I'm willing to pay. : )

My only "problem" with Kleancolor is the smells awful, lol.

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