Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cleaning Day....

Well, to be more accurate, it's cleaning weekend, lol. My nail polishes almost met their demise yesterday when the shoe boxes I've been storing everything in decided they didn't want to hold themselves together anymore, imagine my small amount of panic (ok LARGE amount of panic lol) as I heard the bottle clinking on the tile floor. LUCKILY NONE BROKE!! So, I used some duct tape to put two of the boxes back together, and transferred my cotton, remover, sponges, brushes, plates, stampers, etc... into the boxes, and the nail polish back into the 3 drawer rubber maid thing where they started... Not entirely sure why I ever changed that, lol.

Yesterday I got my package of Kleancolor polishes from After reading a blog about their poor customer service, and just a handful of negative reviews I was a bit worried about ordering from them, but the $1.75 a bottle price was just too tempting for me. So, I got a couple holos, a metallic red, and yet another black. All with shipping was less than $11. Seems pretty decent to me! One of the few times I decided to shell out more then that amount on any kinda of polish was my Spectraflair top coat. Pretty sure that was worth it though, : )

That's pretty much it for today... Got some pictures saved on my phone, and I need to clean the phone out, so the next post or two will likely just be swatch pics. : ) Have a good day everyone!

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