Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 DOC challenge, Ornaments!

This challenge proved to be a pain in the rear.. I have done ornaments already this season, and I didn't want to recycle what I did before. I went through 3 different designs before I decided on the one I chose. When I think of Christmas Ornaments, I don't think of the ones on the tree. I think of the "forgotten" ornaments. The ones that fall to the floor due to a pet, child, plugging the lights in, whatever the reason, and they're left there until clean up time after all the presents and chaos are done. The tree "skirt" around my tree is white, it's supposed to represent snow I guess. So, without further ado...

Orly's "white tips", "torrid" and "Miss Conduct"
China Glaze's "frostbite" and "running in circles"
Color Club's "winter affair" for the gold & Kleancolor's Nail to Toe in "Retro Silver" for the ornament details.

Left & Right hands. With and without flash.


  1. this is so well done, thumbs up girl :D

  2. I agree! Great job, and I like your explanation about how they fell on the floor. I have to put the cheap/not sentimental ornaments on my tree up high so the cats don't knock them off. My tree skirt looks just like this. ;)