Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I've been nominated for the Leibster Award!

Inky Whiskers, one of the first people to follow my blog informed me via e-mail that she nominated me for a Leibster Award! You can find here at,

There were questions on her blog and I figured the easiest way to answer those would be to post something on mine. SO, here it goes!

1)     What is your fav polish color? 
 Anything in the dark red/burgundy realm seem to be my favorite!

2)     What’s your fav brand of polish?
 As of now, China Glaze, but I have recently discovered the world of Indies and I think that is going to change soon!

3)     What is your fav type of polish? (i.e. crème, shimmer, glitter etc)
 I LOVE Holos! But when I'm not in the mood, I like cremes, maybe with a flakey or glitter top coat.

4)     How many polishes do you own & how many are untried?
  At last count I had just over 300, that number is about to go up with gift cards that I received for Christmas. :) Untried? Probably around 15, I try all of them on color wheels. As far as my own nails, that number is probably closer to 40
5)     What is your current polish lemming?
  Current Lemming? Hmmmm.... Probably the Hologlam series that isn't out yet, lol but of currently released polishes, the Mari Moon Collection

6)     What manicure challenges you the most? (i.e. water marbling, braided etc)
        Animal prints seem to challenge me the most. Did my first one the other day, and I'm actually still wearing it, lol. Gradients aren't always easy for me either.

7)     What’s your fav type of blog post? (swatch, comparison, nail art etc)
          I can't say I have a favorite. I really and truly enjoy all things polish. But if I had to choose, I love looking at swatches. Gives me a better idea of what polishes are going to look like out of the bottle.

8)     3 words that describe you?
         Mother, Friend, Honest

9)     Do you have any pets?
         Does my husband count? LOL No, I have no pets. Had pets when I was younger, but after my cat, Sudio, and my dog, Nakita died, I just couldn't bring myself to get another pet. None have quite lived up to the fuzzy memories of my BIG Maincoon cat or my Akita.

10)   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Honestly, in USA, Kentucky is where I'd like to live now. But if I could pick anywhere in the world? Worry free? Ireland for sure.

11)   New Year’s resolution?
     Generally speaking, I don't make New Year's resolutions.. But all my kids will be in school next year, so I'm thinking I need to finally decide what I want to be when I grow up, and go back to school. 

Now, 11 facts about me!

1. I am a mother before ANYTHING else, even polish, lol.

2. Burgundy, Red, Black, and Maroon are my favorite colors.

3. My first car was a Fire Engine Red 1966 Ford Fairlane

4. From the age of 3 until I was 19 I had the same cat. His name was Sudio, and he was awesome! He was trained, and even used to toilet! lol

5. I was a single, teenage mom, and managed to do so without all the crap you see on "reality" t.v.

6. I used to bite my nails.

7. There is a nervous system condition that runs in my family that causes our hands to shake (NOT parkinsons) I started doing nails, nail art, etc... Because the intricate designs, and just holding a polish brush helped me to steady my hand. I now only shake the morning after one too many beers, lol. Guess it worked sort of as a physical therapy. :)

8. I would rather go to the drag strip than to the mall.

9. I HATE shopping! With two exceptions, buying things for my kids, and polish, lol.

10.  One of my favorite possessions is a Don Garlitz (drag racer NHRA) autographed spark plug.

11. My family genetics are so mixed that I don't know what my heritage is, lol. Native American, Irish, and Scottish are the most pronounced so those are what I "claim". Also explains the pasty white skin, and the damn near black hair and eyes, lol.

and now, the 11 questions I want to ask the people I nominate!

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What's your favorite polish?

3. Favorite Color?

4. Like me, did you start your blog because no one around you gets the addiction?

5. For or against matted manis?

6. Prefer longer or shorter nails?

7. Do you have tattoos?

8. Favorite car?

9. Opinion on animal print manis?

10. Favorite polish, or collection from 2012?

11. Who's blog is your favorite to follow??

Now the hard part...finding 11 blogs that meet the criteria to be nominated...


  1. Good job! Now for the rest of it: 1) List 11 facts about yourself. 2) come up with 11 questions for the blogs you nominate 3) nominate 11 blogs & let them know by email or comment that you've nominated them. Easy! lol

    1. Sweet! I know what I'll be doing this evening!