Friday, December 7, 2012

I love my husband!.....and his gift cards to my favorite stores, hehe

As usual, my husband and I couldn't wait until Christmas to give each other at least some presents. We always save a couple so that we have something to open on Christmas, but usually we give one or two to each other before the actual day. This year, in support of my polish addiction. My husband got me gift cards to ULTA and Sally's! So, I went shopping! Finding things that have long been on my wish lists, things that I'm just running low on, and some things that I never would buy for myself with "my own" money. I don't have swatch pics (yet) but I have made a list of my haul! : ) I'm excited about it!

Zoya Ornate Collection- Blaze, Storm, and Aurora

China Glaze- White on White, Liquid Leather, Running in Circles, Red Satin, Whirled Away, Creative Fantasy, Frost Bite, and Pizzaz

Orly- White Tips, Torrid, and Angel Eyes

Color Club- Berry and Bright, and Winter Affair

OPI (which I never buy, I don't want to spend the money, and think it's somewhat over rated) anyhow, I got DS Extravagance, DS Indulgence, and a long time wish list item (I think cause of the name lol) Fresh Frog of Bel Air.

That's my haul for the gift cards. At least the ones from my husband. I have a sneaking suspicion that those are not the only gift cards I'm going to receive. : ) Funny thing is, I didn't even notice I bought two white polishes until I wrote it all down, lol.

Merry Christmas Everyone! : )

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