Saturday, December 15, 2012

One Polish Junkie's small way to honor the people lost in Connecticut.

The story surrounding the tragedy in Connecticut is mind boggling. My brain, both as a person and as a mother can not imagine the pain and sorrow.
I Got home from work, changed, and spent a good 15 minutes just staring at my sleeping babies, so thankful to be able to do so... My thoughts, love and prayers going to those people that can't...

I have noticed that many pages are asking that today we all do a WHITE mani in honor and remembrance of the innocent lives taken today. I think this is a beautiful gesture and I am participating. The nail community is amazing to me! Feel free to share yours if you like...

I did White on White for the innocence lost.. Not just for the deaths, but the tragedy, and violence that these young children had to witness. And 26 stars for the lives lost, and 1 heart cause mine goes out to so many people during this tragic event.


  1. Thank you so much for your participation and support. My prayers go out to the victims and their families as well

  2. Hi! I´ve just discovered your blog because I´ve also joined “Nails for Newton”. Your manicure is pretty. I follow you!
    I invite you to my blog ( I hope you like my manicures :-)

    1. My 4 year old has control of the computer right now lol when i get on there i will check your blog out! I can technically do it on my nook but pic quality isn't always good.