Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feeling rather uninspired...AND Sally's 50% off!!

Haven't had much in the way of inspiration the last few days. SO, I've been doing simple manis. I have this terrible habit of wearing polish for about a day, once in a while a day and a half. But the lack of inspiration made me realize I have some untrieds that I need to try! SO, here it is. Orly's "Decades of Dysfunction" with a top coat of a glitter from a brand I have NEVER heard of, there's no name for the color, but there is a number. The polish is 21 by yh BEJA cosmetics. Anyone else heard of it?

I found this color to be really easy to work with, I liked that it was neutral without being boring. I found it most odd that inside my house it looks like a nude colored polish, but outside there was a pink-ness to it. Please ignore the cuticles, my hands got tore up opening presents and putting toys together for the babies.

In other news...My wonderful grandma got me a gift card to Sally's for Christmas. That gift card combined with the 50% off clearance items at Sally's allowed me to get a pretty good haul of stuff yesterday!! Check it!!!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!


  1. Nice nails, lady! Your Sally's had better stuff on uber clearance than mine. lol

    1. Thank you! My Sally's always seems to have a good supply of things I really like!