Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 DOC challenge. SNOWFLAKES!!!

Who doesn't love snowflakes??? I love snow, snowflakes, snowmen, etc... The only thing I hate about snow is how some people seem to forget how to drive when it starts falling from the sky. And the icky, gross, ugly slush that happens after it's been on the ground for a few days, but "virgin" snow. So pretty!

For my snowflake mani I used the following...

Spectraflair topcoat as the base, Rite Stripe White, and China Glaze's Glistening Snow.

Since this mani my hubz and I decided we needed to paint. In the process I broke a couple nails and had to cut the rest of them to a shorter than I prefer length, but it'll be ok! : )


  1. Lovely! One of the good things about nails...they grow back. lol

  2. your snowflakes are so delicate and pure, love it :D

  3. This is so delicate and feminine. It is so lovely!