Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No More Holiday Nails!

After the 12 DOC challenges, I wanted to do something that would be a challenge to me. But I wanted it to be something that I could pick.
I love Christmas and the holiday season as much as the majority of other people, but I am also one of those people who once it's over, I'm done, lol. So, our tree comes down the day after Christmas and all other decorations (if any manage to stay up) are gone the same day.
One of the gifts I received this year was a new journal! I love writing, and my family knows it. The cover on the new journal was just kinda cool to me.

So, I used it as inspiration for a mani. This was a challenge for me because I have never done an animal print (i think that's what it's supposed to be lol) and gradient manis don't always work in my favor. But here it is.

I used Orly's "Liquid Vinyl", China Glaze's "Frostbite", "Creative Fantasy", and "white on white". I also used Kleancolor's "Neon Pink".

Did my base coat (Orly's Top to Bottom), then one thin coat of China Glaze's "white on white" in an effort to make the colors "pop". Then using a cosmetic sponge I made the gradient with the other 3 colors, finally using a thin dotting tool and Orly's "Liquid Vinyl" I did the shapes. When all was said and done I used Matte Me Crazy top coat by NYC.

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