Friday, January 25, 2013

31 day challenge! inspired by your childhood!

I warn you now, this is likely to get a bit wordy, lol.

I spent hours trying to figure out what to do for today's challenge. I even sent text messages to my parents and bestie. After sitting around trying to figure out Rainbow Brite, Jem and the Holograms, Kid Sister, Hot Rods, playing outside, etc.. . etc... I kept going back to the people that inspired me most when I was young, rather than the things I played with or did. So that's what I chose to go with. The people that inspired me the most when I was a child. I'll describe each nail after the pictures.

The pinky is inspired by the elementary school I went to. Columbia! Our mascot was a Tiger, looking back I think our colors were actually black and silver not black and gold, but the significance is the same. Mr. Casey our principal was always telling us to "EXCEL!" No matter what we did, he expected we'd be the best at whatever it was. My teachers from Kindergarten through fifth grade were amazing. Though admittedly my third grade teacher stands out the most. Mrs. Green. She called and checked on me when I was sick with a very bad case of Pneumonia, I thought I was going to die, not sure what my parents thought. I lost a LOT of weight during that time, and Mrs. Green was the first person at the school to be there for me when I still had weak moments, or wasn't sure what to do cause I had missed so much school. My 3rd grade class sent get well cards, called me, and all those kinds of things. So Columbia Tigers, and Mrs. Green and Mr. Casey specifically inspired the pinky.

The ring is inspired by the drag strip. Through all the phases of cartoons, toys, boys, games, etc... the one constant in my childhood through the entire family was hot rods and drag racing. I miss it. So what better way to represent it than a drag tree!

My middle finger is for a woman that I am blessed and thankful to be able to call Mom. There are SOO many things about my Mama that I just can't pick one specific thing to represent her, except the perfume she used to wear. Sun, Moon & Stars. It came in a blue bottle, and had suns, moons, and stars all over it. I loved watching my mom get ready for work, or a date night with my Dad, or any number of things. I just enjoyed watching her. And I didn't realize that until I was older. I learned a lot of things from my Mama. I wouldn't be the woman or mother that I am today if I hadn't had such a great woman to take notes from.

My Index finger is for a man that I am blessed an thankful to be able to call Daddy. There are again SOO many things about my Daddy that I just can't pick one specific thing to represent him, except when I was little I loved listening to Daddy play his guitar. My father's favorite color is red. I remember when I was about seven, he put on a red sweatsuit, red socks, red hat, and I think even found a red towel or something to tie around his neck. Anyhow, he went running through the house, and he would slide into the room with his hands on his hips and say "I'm REDMAN!" then he would hum a little theme song, lol. He taught me how to sing, and worked with me when my Clarinet was being stupid (cause it was the clarinet, not me, lol) so music and the color red always make me think of him.

Last but not least, my thumb. My thumb is inspired by two women actually, so lets start with the first. My great grandma Mary. She LOVED butterflies. She was the matriarch of our family, and she kept everyone together and inline. She was that stereo typical grandma. Didn't curse (at least not that I ever heard), had big poofy hair that always seemed perfectly quaffed, and always knew what to say or do when something was wrong. She had her faults too, most of which I didn't realize until I was older, but she was a strong woman. The second woman is my grandma Linda, who also loves butterflies. She has tried her damndest to keep the family unit together since Great Grandma Mary's death in 1997. And she too is just an awesomely strong woman.

Now just because a nail was inspired by one person doesn't mean it doesn't represent someone else as well. My Mama being a drag racer and loving cars as well helped teach me that girls can do it too dammit! My love of music comes from my Mama as well. And if it hadn't been for both of my parents being on my bum about school, I wouldn't have ever done as well as I did or be as smart as I am. : )

If you stuck around to read my ramblings, thank you. Have a great day!


  1. Lovely that this manicure has so much meaning. You are making us look shallow lol

    1. lol surely not... I have a habit of over thinking things lol