Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Water You Waiting For dupe??

I was going through polishes, trying to organize some of the chaos. Sort of prepping for the new organizer I'll be getting (i'm sure i'll have a before and after post for that) Anyhow, I noticed that I had a Sinful Colors polish that at first glance looked an awful lot like Water You Waiting For... So, I snapped some pics, did a couple swatches on a color wheel, and here are the results.

Now, they're similar for sure. Same blue base, came color glitters, etc... CG's Water You Waiting For is more opaque, and it's purple pieces aren't as prominent as in Super Star.
SO, it's not a "dupe" but man it was close. I hate when I get home with a new polish only to find that I have one that's basically the same thing already. :)

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