Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sally Girl Coconut. Swatches

So, I wanted to do something different yesterday. I (for reasons unknown) have been wanting to wear a baby/sky blue polish. I went outside of my comfort zone of dark "vampy" colors. I opened the drawer in my melmer that is reserved for minis and my 4 year old's growing collection, lol. Every time we go to Sally's, Layla (my 4 year old) will undoubtedly pick out at least two Sally Girl polishes. And at 99 cents, I rarely say no (ok, I never say no lol) They're usually pastel or otherwise very "girly". I have said time and time again that pastels don't work for me. I don't know if that is necessarily the "problem" so much as I'm just not used to seeing light colors on my nails. SO, here it is. Sally Girl's Coconut.

A few hours later Layla said I should add "sparkle" to it. Then said I should do it like the pink mani I did at the beginning of this challenge, here. So, I did.

That was my adventure outside of my comfort zone... I foresee more adventures in my future. You can only have so many shades of burgundy, maroon, and purple. :) Time to expand my horizons I think. :)

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