Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Crumpet's Challenge! Saran Wrap!

The first time I ever saw a saran wrap mani was during a different 31 day challenge on Kayla Shevonne's website,

And I went immediately to my little polish corner in my kitchen, and tried it with neon yellow, and in my brilliance (lots of sarcasm there lol)  put blue over  it. Now I'm not sure if it was my being impatient, or something else but the final look was sort of a green mess,

For today's challenge I used China Glaze's Hanging in the Balance, and topped it with China Glaze's Liquid Leather. I like it MUCH better than my previous attempt, lol. As usual, SV on top.


  1. Replies
    1. It wasn't bad I am justnot a neon person lol for art or accents, sure but in general I guess I'm more "vampy" with my color choices, I am getting better though lol

  2. I love the blue black combination, I've never considered using black in this type of mani, I've used white the last three times!

    1. Any time I have done saran wrap I pick a bright, light, or neon and cover it with something darker. I never thought about using white!

  3. I love the blue and black combo!!! Deffz a fave I'll have to try!!! Great nails too. Very pretty <3