Saturday, January 12, 2013

Swatch and Review, Claires Mood Polish

I picked up some mood polish from Claire's a while back and have been meaning to post something about it before anyone but myself read this blog of mine. But since I was not liking my tape mani for the 31 day challenge very much, I figured I'd show the Claire's polish.



This polish also flips to a purple shade, which is actually what the bottle and my thumb look like in the last picture, but it seemed no matter the setting, my camera pictured it as blue. It is definitely one of those polishes that needs to be seen in person, or at least by someone with a better camera.
I love this polish! I got full coverage in 1 coat, but to me it just feels weird not to do that 2nd coat. It dries to a satin/matte finish, and if you add clear coat it doesn't effect the color changing.
Claire's has another store called Icing. I bought the exact same color changing polish at Icing (or so the labels said) and it was COMPLETELY different. The consistency, colors, and coverage were different. Even though they looked the same in the bottle. Icing's was very thick and after applying polish to 3 or 4 nails I had to screw the cap back on and shake it again. It got "goopy", I don't know if that's a word but that's what it was, lol. I'd like to think I just got an old bottle, but who knows.... Have a great day everyone.


  1. It´s a cute polish! And a beautiful shade :-)

  2. I didn't have any fun with my Clarie's Mood polishes. They didn't change color easily & one of them stained the nails it was on. I'm glad it worked for you!