Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Candii Polished! Swatch and Review! Picture heavy!

So a few weeks ago I saw a post from one of the many polish blog/shops that I follow. She was asking if people would be willing to review some of her polishes. I jumped at the chance! And I am SOO glad that I did!
I was sent 24 Karats, and Resolutions... on to the pics!

Resolutions is a glitter polish. Can be worn alone or as a topcoat. It's PRETTY! It has small red, blue, holo, and I think even green!

Here's Resolutions by itself. Pinky is 1 coat, Ring is 2 coats, Middle is 3 coats, and Index is 4 coats. It spreads evenly, I didn't have to mess with the glitter pieces for placement at all. The only thing I will say is if you plan to wear it alone WAIT between coats as it will get a little thick.

24 Karats is a shimmer Gold polish. I have to admit, I was going into this polish thinking I wasn't going to like it. As a general rule I dislike gold. I was pleasantly surprised! It is a little on the sheer side, but I have no doubt it would build on it's own with 3 coats. I've shown it here with 2 and no topcoat.

Now, I decided that these 2 polishes needed to be put together! So, here is 2 coats of 24 Karats with 2 coats of Resolutions. Topped with a coat of SV. I couldn't decide on which pictures to show, so I just put them all on here.

SO, if you haven't already purchased some Candii Polish, I strongly suggest you do!

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