Friday, January 11, 2013

31 day challenge! Splatter!...and Tutorial!

Splatter? I think I shall! On to the pics!

Now, for this I used Sinful Colors "Cool Gray", "Savage", "Pink Cream", and Wet N' Wild "French White Creme".

A lot of people use the straw method for splatter nails, I've really never been able to make that work successfully without getting polish/paint EVERYWHERE, so this is what I do...

Base coat and Top Coat of course

A paint brush. This works with several different brushes. The brush shown is just my preference.

Some nail polish remover for clean up purposes. (dig the old school boom box in the background! Complete with tape adapter for my tablet! LOL)

Paint your nail white (or any color of your choosing really)

Pick some colors!

On a piece of paper, or your "pallet" My "pallet" is a Tupperware lid. Dip your brush into a drop or 2 of polish/paint.

Should look something like this

Dab the brush onto the nail

Clean the brush, wipe off excess remover using a paper towel, towel, or your choice. I use cloth diapers!

Repeat and add top coat!


This is just to show that it works with other colors as well :)


  1. likey! Methinks I'm going to try your method soon cuz the mess factor is so much less. Brilliant!

  2. wow its pretty! love it with an grey background! And that method looks great! I should try it.x

  3. Splatter and I do not get along when straws and involved! I will be trying this method, though! Thank you!

  4. I love it! i will definitely be trying it out this way soon!:)

  5. You're a freaking genius! What a great way to do this without the freaking mess!!