Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sinful Colors, Inkwell

I was looking through the Sinful Colors display at one of the Walgreens around here, and saw this bottle of polish that was actually sort of hidden behind some of the other polish brands. I naturally, had to see why it was hidden. It was called Inkwell, looked black to me, so I put it back. A few days later I was at Walgreens again and found a not hidden bottle of Inkwell. I am one of those people who open the polish in the store. That drives some people nuts, and I didn't used to do it, but ever since a text I got from my mother saying she got home with some polishes that had no brush, I always look. Anyhow, the polish looked like a blackened blurple, it was SO pretty under the lights of Walgreens... I was however disappointed when I got home, put it on for a swatch, and it looks just black. Maybe, MAYBE, with some slight maroonish/purple undertones, but eh.. With a flash you can see a bit of color. Without, it just looks black to me. Here's some pics.


  1. I think it's lovely! Very nearly black with a hint of dark purple, very vampy!

  2. Have you tried doing a lighter coat? That's what I do when I want the tint to show more. :)