Friday, January 25, 2013

a swatch from Color Club!

I was at TJ Maxx on Monday doing some potential splurge shopping for my birthday, (this was before my purse was stolen), anyhow, I had NO idea that TJ Maxx sold nail polish! There was a whole shelf of it! A lot of which I didn't want, already had, or put on my mental wish list. Anyhow, there was a two polish pack that my four year old said I "needed", I didn't argue with her, lol.

I wish I could tell you the name of this color, but I can't. It wasn't on the bottle or the box it came in.

Obviously a purple, lol. I liked the purple, but decided it was too "calm" for the mood I was in when I painted them, so I added some Color Club "Snowflake"

I apologize for the cuticles, I've been doing a long of swatching and what not lately and my finger tips are just dry as can be no matter how much cuticle cream, or hand cream I use it doesn't seem to be helping.


  1. Our TJ Maxx never has nice colors! :-(

    1. Most of what they had was from the holiday collection, which I have. Or they had pastels (which i generally speaking don't wear) or neons, which again, don't normally wear lol